How to Inspire Dance Students: Powerful Techniques

So, how do you motivate your dance students? Giving dance students a common purpose and goal is the best way to inspire them and increase their enthusiasm for dance. Shree Sanga Mudhra, the best Bharatanatyam dance academy in Chennai, makes immense efforts like holding contests, interacting with them individually, assigning homework, videotaping classes, and improving the studio environment.

Ways by Which Shree Sanga Mudhra Inspires Students 

Shree Sanga Mudhra, the best Bharatanatyam school, follows unique strategies to inspire students and help them learn the dance style quickly.

Creating a Goal

Aligning a group of talented people around a common goal is the most powerful technique for inspiring students. We understand individual students’ needs and purposes and connect them to a broader goal. If our students are preparing for a national competition or progressing to the next level, we articulate this great purpose and provide them with a mission.

Using Positive Reinforcement

Our dance teachers deal with students who are uninterested in dance through positive reinforcement. These students can be difficult to handle because they learn at a different rate than other students. Praise will boost their self-esteem for the time being, and they will want to do better. When students become discouraged, we help them understand how they can improve their dancing. We praise them and then assist them in correcting their mistakes with a positive approach. 

Organizing Dance Battles

Dance battles make students happier and more excited than anything else. Dance battles are the pinnacle of competition for any dance studio. We host a dance battle between students of our studio and other local Bharatanatyam dance studios and award prizes to the winners. 

Steps Taken by Shree Sanga Mudhra to Develop a Special Interest Towards Dance 

We create different levels of progression based on the students’ experience. There are separate classes for beginners and advanced students. As we believe it can be discouraging for beginners to dance with experienced students, we have segregated them and encouraged them to learn to dance at their own pace. We restructure the students’ classes to accommodate their learning curves. By sending them to advanced courses, if they learn quickly, we make them develop an interest in progressing beyond the beginner level. 

Shree Sanga Mudhra gets regular feedback from students in private. We assist them in performing better by asking them whether there is any worrying factor. We put everyone in the spotlight. Students want to know that they are valued as individuals and part of a community. We appreciate students for their progress, no matter how small. If a student performs well, we remember what they did and ask them to show it to the class. This emphasis on positivity instills in the student a sense of ownership and encouragement, making them eager to demonstrate their abilities again. If one student receives praise, others instinctively raise their level to receive an acknowledgment.

What better way to make a student shine than to post a photo of them dancing on social media? Instagram allows us to highlight students in our story or our timeline, which they can reshare and share about their dance experience with their friends. We highlight students daily or can choose the best students each week and showcase them. During class, we also take group photos and tag everyone.

Other Interesting Classroom Activities Done by Shree Sanga Mudhra 

Dance is a way of life! The dance will be practiced outside the studio, whether at school, at home, classroom, or on holiday. Many of the best ideas students will have creative ideas from outside the studio, so we assign interesting homework to them. We make them form groups and practice routines that they must perform during class hours. 

The chance to be seen on live video is one of the things that gets students excited about dancing. We record and share the video on social media when we have a performance. These videos encourage students to dance as if they are competing. They start looking forward to these sessions, which eventually creates an interest among them. 

Students have no motivation to perform when no one sees them, but when the camera is turned on, they give their best. We make the dance floor more interesting by installing LED lighting fixtures. By making the studio spectacular, we believe students start to feel like stars. They’ll not only look forward to attending your classes, but they’ll also tell their friends about it. We provide regular opportunities for students to use their imagination, expressive abilities, and creativity in various ways and learn Bharatanatyam, as mentioned below.

  1. Teach composition elements to students using the appropriate style or genre.
  2. Use a variety of creative stimuli and self-expression models.
  3. Use a progressive approach (creative scaffolding) to develop creative skills alongside technique development.
  4. Make time to practice your performance skills.
  5. Let students interact with other teachers or artists through workshops, summer schools, and special events to foster creativity through different thinking.
  6. Recognize that creativity is subjective.
  7. Assist students in developing independence, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities.
  8. Use technical training as an instrument for expressive and creative development.
  9. Provide students with tools for evaluating their creative and expressive development.
  10. Provide opportunities for students and encourage their involvement in dance experiences outside the classroom.
  11. Encourage the use, evaluation, and critique of dance-related materials.
  12. Make attendance compulsory for dance and other art form rehearsals and performances.
  13. Motivate learners to audition for events or performances or participate in activities/workshops where they can better collaborate with other teachers, choreographers, or directors to understand creative processes, performance, and professional expectations.

The Bottomline

A student mirrors what is taught in their dance class. Instead of just conducting competitions and improving students, we take sufficient care to recruit highly qualified dance experts to mentor and train students. Dance teachers can improve and change the mood of the entire studio. Walk into Shree Sanga Mudhra immediately if you want to learn Bharatanatyam and become a pro.