What all it takes to become a Bharatanatyam dancer?

A dance form is unique because of its moves. The core component of the popular Indian dance Bharatanatyam involves mudras and adavus. Have you noticed that Bharatanatyam is taught using Tala? Want to become an expert in Bharatanatyam but not sure where to start? We are here to help you. This article is a comprehensive guide for beginners to make their dance journey fruitful. If you are looking for the best dance classes in Chennai, Bangalore, or Hyderabad, enquire thoroughly about the tutor and studio facilities and then enroll. 

All You Need to Know About Bharatanatyam 

If you look into the history of Bharatanatyam, it will take us back to 500 BC. Adavus play a significant role in forming the foundation of Bharatanatyam. This Indian classical dance includes Tatta Adavu, Natta Adavu, Korvai Adavu, Nritta Adavu, etc. Bharatanatyam is all about displaying the rhythmic skill of a dancer. Here, mastering a lot of exercises and postures is essential. You can perform your dance moves with precision only after becoming well-versed in Bharatanatyam’s fundamental aspects. 

The key to becoming an expert at Bharatanatyam is regular practice, as it has a lot of complex steps. Flawlessness is another primary aspect a student should focus on to become a professional Bharatanatyam dancer. In today’s world, there are various online Bharatanatyam classes that you can opt for. Although these classes are relatively new, it is an ideal choice for people who live in distant places as it gives them access. So, what are you waiting for? Join Bharatanatyam today and explore the world of mudras & adavus!

An Overview of How to Start Learning Bharatanatyam as a Beginner 

Deep knowledge of dance is the most crucial aspect if you are looking into learning Bharatanatyam. Unlike other dance forms in India, this particular style requires the student to understand the knack of the style. Flexibility and an excellent understanding of the beats is an essential factor a person should possess before joining Bharatanatyam. It is okay to be an amateur when you enter the world of dance. With time you will be able to master it through consistent practice. 

There are a few factors to consider as a beginner to boost your learning process. Bharatanatyam is not a difficult dance form. All it requires is a little bit of time and perseverance. You will have to focus a lot and pay good attention when the steps are taught to you. Bharatanatyam’s moves prepare the mind and body to learn new techniques. It also develops a person’s stamina, improves posture, and increases leg strength. The semi-sitting position is the frequently used posture in Bharatanatyam, which is quite challenging to get used to during the early phases. The standard norm in teaching this classical dance will be going forward hierarchically; the tutor will start with simple moves and then progress to the complex ones.

Four Essential Tips for Bharatanatyam Beginners

There are a few more important tips to follow if you are passionate about learning Bharatanatyam. They are:

Basics Strengthen Foundation 

Basics play a crucial role in Bharatanatyam. It includes facial expressions, feet work, and mudras. Footwork needs a lot of practice as it must go along with the Tala. Going from the basics will help you learn and understand the dance style better. Only after you master the basics will you be able to work on the intricacies of the art. The more you develop basics, the more professional you will become. 

Observe & Reflect 

“If you deeply observe, everything is your teacher”. Observing plays a significant role in learning Bharatanatyam. Learn to observe the other dancers. Although this dance form has its own routine, every dancer will have a unique take on it. Therefore, the more you watch others perform, the more you understand the craft. Now let us explore the ways you can do this. 

  • The effortless way to observe other people dance will be by watching video performances on the internet.
  • Walk into shows where dancers showcase their talents.
Enroll Yourself Into Professional Classes 

Watching other people perform and pick up the steps is much needed. But doing so will not help you become an expert. You have to get in touch with professional Bharatanatyam tutors and sessions. Look for experienced people who conduct Bharatanatyam classes. Good tutors will be able to help you learn the craft in a given time. 

Professional Bharatanatyam classes under the guidance of the best teachers are always a good choice for learning dance skills in a specific time frame. In most cases, Bharatanatyam students train under well-experienced teachers for years to master the art. Relying on them will help you become an expert in Bharatanatyam without committing any mistakes. 

Bridge Goals With Discipline

Did you know that motivation gets you going, but discipline keeps you growing? It is vital to understand that without discipline, you will not be able to achieve anything in Bharatanatyam. You must imbibe that dance is a form of devotion that requires perseverance and discipline to excel. Most of the professional Bharatanatyam dancers have reached great heights only through discipline. Thus, as beginners, you must also concentrate on it. 

It is a general fact that when you are disciplined, success follows. A structured routine will help you pick up Bharatanatyam dance moves easily. Practicing every day is a primary discipline you will need more than anything else. It is the key to developing flexibility and dancing gracefully. Also, remember that the more you practice, the better you will become. 


Being a beginner, now you would have learned how and where to start your journey in Bharatanatyam. A Bharatanatyam dance academy in Chennai will offer professional online sessions with instructors on par with excellence. All you need to do is associate with them as early as possible! The rest will be taken care of until you master the dance form.