What Do You Gain Learning Bharatanatyam?

Bharatanatyam is a famous dance form in India which is one of the oldest. Previously referred to as Sudhir Attam, it is considered the mother of all classical dances. Bharatanatyam is nearly 2000 years old and has the most impressive gestures and extensive footwork. You can get in touch with the best Bharatanatyam dance academy in Chennai and learn the dance form in the recommended duration. Let us discuss the benefits of Bharatanatyam and why one should learn this classical dance style. 

A Brief on Bharatanatyam Dance

Many people, including those who believe in the tales, think Lord Brahma revealed Bharatnatyam to Bharata, who then encoded it in the Natya Shastra. Nrita, Nritya, and Nattya are the parts of Bharatnatyam, and Nrita refers to hand and foot motions. Expressions are a part of Nritya, whereas Nattya belongs to play. A guru usually oversees the performance, guides the dancers, and leads the music and vocalists.

An Overview of Reasons to Learn Bharatanatyam

The classical dancing style of Bharatnatyam has several advantages, and it offers a variety of health advantages. People around the country adore classical dance genres, including Kathak, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Manipuri, and Bharatnatyam. The health benefits of classical dancing have made it popular in India and overseas. Here are a few advantages of Bharatanatyam.

  1. Mudras play a significant role in Bharatnatyam. Using mudras and expressions enhances flexibility while allowing dancers to communicate with the audience.
  2. Bharatnatyam contains several motions that aid in building muscles. These physical movements are challenging and demanding as yoga or exercise, so they assist in building stamina.
  3. A variety of positions, postures, and motions are used in Bharatnatyam. The various bodily movements, known as Karanas, enhance the body’s balance. Standing on one foot for a short period in Bharatanatyam offers better balance.
  4. Your heart is kept healthy by dancing. It aids in pumping and circulating blood more quickly. Bharatnatyam requires a lot of energy, like many other dancing styles, and ultimately improves blood circulation.
  5. Bharatanatyam ultimately aids in enhancing cerebral abilities, attention, and mental alertness as the dancer has to bear in mind various hastas and mudras.

Learn How Bharatanatyam Enhances One’s Well-being

A lot of facial expressions are required in Bharatnatyam. It emphasizes the movement of the lips, neck, eyes, and brows, thereby strengthening the body muscles. Different expressions convey various emotions, such as grief, rage, and happiness. Therefore, dancers who practice Bharatnatyam have beautiful skin and graceful eyes, and the ocular muscles are strengthened via eye movements. Besides keeping you physically healthy and fit, dancing promotes your mental well-being.

The brains release endorphins when a person dances Bharatanatyam. These happy hormones help lower stress and give us a tranquil, relaxed, and content feeling. Many people view dancing as merely a hobby, a way to unwind! Have you ever noticed that those who engage in Bharatanatyam experience greater happiness and relaxation after dancing? This is because your physical and emotional well-being enhances through continuous engagement while exercising. The other ways through which Bharatanatyam helps in improving a person’s mental health are:

  1. Stress can make us feel physically trapped at work and home. In most cases, it might lead us to snap at our loved ones or keep us from getting emotionally involved. Venting out anxiety without troubling ourselves or others is possible through Bharatanatyam. Thus it is considered a thrilling and emotional outlet. You can convey your emotions in a unique and powerful way by using the right music and actions.
  2. Spending time with friends and people who share your interests might make you feel better and reduce the stress-related hormone cortisol in your body. Therefore, make it a group activity to improve mood, reduce stress, and improve general health.
  3. Dancing is a great alternative to think about if you don’t like to sit still to meditate. When dancing, your attention is entirely on your breathing, movements, and performance. This helps in your relaxing after a demanding day. 

Tips to Learn Bharatanatyam Effortlessly

Simple ways to learn Bharatanatyam easily are:

  • Join a Bharatanatyam course. People of all ages can learn Bharatanatyam in community centers, health clubs, schools, and other organizations. You can also find the closest options when you search on Google for dancing lessons in your area.
  • Both dancing alone and dancing with others can be fun. Play your favorite song, then dance to the beat and the music. It’s more fun to unwind and not worry about how you appear when no one is looking.
  • Go beyond your own impromptu dancing routines if you want to challenge yourself. You can also pick up new dance steps by frequently viewing dance performances.
Wrap Up

In order to succeed at dancing, one must entirely focus on both their movements and the music. Engaging in activities that make you happy can help you reduce stress, anxiety, and worry and allow you to express your sentiments and emotions in a positive and useful way. There are times when life becomes hectic and anxiety-producing, causing you to look for methods to get away from everything. Many people like meditation, while others favor exercise or dancing. You can feel happy and improve your mental health by dancing, which produces endorphins. Thus, dancing is a language helping individuals extensively. Many people learn Bharatanatyam to gain the benefits it bestows in their lives. Even if you are not naturally talented, let out all your fear and learn Bharatanatyam. You can become a dancer at any age!