Are Online Bharatnatyam Classes as Effective as Offline Classes?

Among the six states of classical dance, Indian classical dance is a stunning style and one of the most significant. The precise use of hands and feet complements expressions to create a beautiful dance style. Several excellent ones are available for people looking to enroll in online Bharatanatyam classes.

Although there are various classical dance lessons, parents frequently wonder if they will be able to teach their children with the same level of attention that offline courses demonstrate. But it would be fair to argue that the COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally altered our dynamic, making the feasibility of online education extremely relevant right now.

How Are Bharatanatyam Classes Taken Online?

Numerous practical online Bharatanatyam classes assist students in comprehending the dancing style and eventually mastering it. The goal is to ensure that students interested in studying this particular dance style will not need any hurdles and may get support immediately. However, a lot of people think that online dance classes fall short.

This is a misconception, as excellent classes can completely disprove you and accelerate your competence development. The fundamental premise behind online courses is that they remove the distance barrier, making them available to all students.

Online Bharatanatyam classes are frequently conducted via the internet, and in this case, the main platform is used to facilitate communication between the students and teachers. The teacher typically facilitates the meeting and oversees the entire class. As a result, if any students are not exhibiting the proper form, the teacher might assist in developing expertise by giving them more attention.

The ideal classes for individuals who desire to specialize in classical dance but cannot travel frequently are those offered online. Distance shouldn’t be an obstacle if learning is the goal, which is what dance lessons strive for.

Why Is Bharatanatyam Learning Possible Through Online Classes?

Contrary to popular belief, online Bharatanatyam Classes are rather clearly explained, and with practice and dedication, you can learn the subtleties. Some of the best factors that will enable you to learn the specifics in due course include:


Online Bharatanatyam Classes are excellent since they are highly practical and let students to learn while relaxing in their own homes. However, the finest resources to rely on are the online courses offered by reputable academics. The best factor for helping you learn the dance form quickly must be its viability.

Bharatanatyam is a relatively difficult art to learn and takes a lot of effort over time. However, one of the main reasons we believe that you may study with online dancing lessons is the feasibility aspect.

Best Teachers:

Because of physical distance, which seems to be an indisputable barrier, we frequently cannot access good professors. Online courses, however, ensure that this is not an issue and that you have access to the top minds in the industry. It’s important to realize that being a good dancer and a good teacher are two different things.

The fact that the professors are experienced Bharatanatyam performers themselves aids in their ability to approach students holistically.

Steps From Basic to Expertise:

We heartily recommend online Bharatanatyam classes for several reasons, including how well-written they are. The entire teaching segment has been separated into numerous sections, starting with the fundamentals and progressing up to the expert stages.

The students are taught about what Bharatanatyam is as a dance form and what characteristics set it apart at the beginning stages of the classes. When the students have finished with the fundamental learning, they advance to the more advanced phases.

People generally agree that taking physical courses is the only viable option because online Bharatanatyam classes fall short of expectations. This is false, though, as students are generally more observant, and learning is easier in their own homes due to accessibility and comfort.

Here are some benefits We have already noticed from our Online Classes:

Quicker Learning

I’ve been able to plan a curriculum that allows students to review the online videos and posts and get ready before they enter the classroom. The students now pick things up much more quickly as a result of this!


From the standpoint of the students, the one-on-one online style I have been using up to this point is more effective. The rate of learning in traditional classrooms, where a group is often taught, is determined by how quickly the majority of the group can pick up the skills. The student chooses the pace of the online classes according to their needs.


Due to the one-on-one nature of the classes, each student’s needs can be taken into consideration while designing the curriculum. This makes it easier for students to enroll in lessons at the beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels.


The student can select wherever they want to take their classes! They can choose to stay at home, which is typically the case, but they can also carry on with the courses even if they take a little trip. All that is required is a laptop, camera, and microphone.


Many readers, especially those who reside outside of India, have informed me that they lack access to teachers. Thanks to online classes, it is now feasible to connect with and support such students.


There is less risk that the Guru-Shishya bond will be severed. Even if the teacher or student moves, the relationship is maintained through online classes. Even when there is a session interruption, they are usually very brief.

There are a few mainly technical drawbacks (such as internet accessibility, cam/mic problems, etc.), but overall, the positives greatly exceed the drawbacks!

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